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Icons by Alice

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This is the icon journal of heraliceeyes. Feel free to join and use the icons, but please follow the rules.


1. Please comment. I like to know which icons you like and what you think I could improve.
2. CREDIT. Don't know how? Just like this:

I don't really care if you credit heraliceeyes or thesunmachine, but credit me somehow, okay?
3. Don't claim them as your own. I will kick your ass.
4. Don't alter them. Most of my icons are simple and don't have text, but they're not bases unless otherwise stated. If you want text on an icon, let me know and I'll do it for you.

I'm willing to make icons of any of the things in the interests list below. If you have a request for a specific fandom, feel free to suggest it. I'll make a set for it if I have time. However, I will put them up for all to use, not just you.

Above all though, enjoy them. :)


Want to be an affiliate? If I like your icons I'll be happy to affiliate. Just leave me a comment.